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Chatter for Charity

2016 - 2017

How it works

  1. Celebrities host raffles on Chatter to raise money for important causes.

  2. Fans purchase raffle tickets for specific celebrities' events through our mobile apps or website.

  3. At the raffle end date, 1 random fan is selected to instantly join a 1-on-1 video chat with the celebrity through our iOS and Android applications. 



  • Made the top 100 downloads list on the iOS App Store & search trended in February 2017  

  • Over 18k Downloads from launch in February 2017 to closing in August 2017 

  • Chatters hosted by over 20 celebrities such as Tony Hawk, Ray Lewis, Trey Ratcliffe, and more.  

  • Promoted on social media by stars such as DJ Khaled, Diddy, Jeremy Piven, and more.

  • Featured on ForbesComplexMarketWatch, and others.  


  • CTO

  • iOS, Android, Web, and Backend Project Management

  • Release management 

  • UI/UX 

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